Yousef, Khalil and Adam were born at just 23 weeks gestation by emergency Cesarean Section in October 2021. The boys had a rough start due to extreme prematurity along with problems related to triplet gestation, but over the last 3 months they have made amazing progress. Yousef and Adam are were discharge during the month of Jan and early February. While Khalil had to be transferred at 2 weeks of age to another hospital for higher level of care.
These were the first set of 23 week triplets to be born at SKMCA.
Being born at 23 weeks, particularly multiple gestation, carries a very high risk of morbidity and mortality, estimated to be anywhere from 70-80%. Both Adam and Yousef have done very well and they were discharge to go home without any oxygen support. They also have been free of other major sequelae such as bleeding into the brain (Intraventricular Hemorrhage) for which they were at very high risk.
A big congratulations to the entire team especially the NICU team for the dedication in caring for our special arrivals

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