Documents Required to Issue Birth Certificate For UAE Nationals
  • Valid Emirates IDs of parents  (Original)
  • Parents Passport (Original)
  • Marriage Certificate (Original)
  • Family Book (Original or Printed if it is Electronic)
  • Credit Card or Bank Card for Payment
Documents required to issue a Birth Certificate for OTHER Nationalities
  • Valid Emirates IDs of parents  (Original)
  • Parents Passport (Original)
  • Marriage Certificate (Original)
  • Valid Residence visa (Original or Printed if it is a visit visa)
  • Credit Card or Bank Card for Payment
Documents Required to Issue a Death Certificate
  • Original passport / Emirates ID of the deceased.
  • Death notification + deceased medical examination paper.
  • Print copy of the Electronic visit visa.
  • The original Emirates ID of the recipient of the certificate.
  • The representative’s work ID if he receives a death Certificate.
  • Credit Card or Bank Card for Payment.


“Mabrouk Ma Yak” is an initiative that aims to issue all documents for newborns in just one visit which includes: Documents required to issue the Mabrouk Ma Yak service
  • Registration of baby in Population Register
  • Issuance of Passport
  • Issuance of Emirates Identity Card 
  • Issuance of Birth Certificate
  • Adding the baby in Family Book
  • Applying for paternity leave
  • Reserve a school seat for the child within Emirates Schools Establishment 

The service is available in:

  •  Sheikh Khalifa Hospital – Women and Children
  • Sheikh Khalifa Hospital – Masfoot
  • Family Book (Original)
  • Valid Emirates ID of Parents (Original) 
  • Passport of Parents (Original)
  • Marriage Certificate (Original)
  • The father must have a Smart Pass verified account.
  • The baby ID photo 
  • Electronic payment by Visa card through the program.
Please scan the QR code to view the user guide  Image Acceptance Criteria for Mabrouk Ma Yak Service
  • If you have any questions about the service, please call 600522222 or visit the UAE Smart Government electronic portal. 

  • Image background must be white only
  • Show the newborn’s face clearly from the front
  • The newborn’s eyes must be open, the face must be completely visible, and the head must not be covered
  • The file format must be JPEG or JPG
  • Image quality must be good

(400 x 350pixels)/  (400 x 350pixels)      



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