To be the patients’ first choice


Our mission is to provide internationally outstanding healthcare, research and education to the Ajman population and across the northern emirates in a high-quality, reliable and safe environment.

Business values

We believe that the more you do something, the better the result. We also believe that the care provided should be solely based on the needs of the patient in front of us. This means that we focus on continuously improving our provision of care and streamlining our processes. It also means that everyone in the business becomes an expert in treating specific patient group. We are convinced that this leads to the best outcomes for the patient and society.

Our five core business values are:

  1. Professionalism

We act responsibly and professionally in all interactions with our patients, among staff and towards our stakeholders.

  1. Quality and patient safety

We care for details and ensure highest quality from start to finish. We follow international guidelines and best practice. We systematically learn from risks and incidents to create safer pathways with highest patient safety always assured.

  1. Teamwork

We collaborate as one team across multidisciplinary settings, to deliver the best possible care experience for our patients. We cooperate internally and externally to deliver results that makes an impact.

  1. Commitment

We provide efficient services in which society’s resources are used as effectively as possible. We are committed to delivering best outcomes and strive to always exceed expectations.

  1. Transparency

We operate in an open and collaborative environment centered around trust. We embrace a blame free culture based on strong medical integrity.