Prepared according to the UN Convention on Children’s Rights

“SKMCA operates under UAE laws and regulations. The UAE Government adopts different legislations, which protect the patient rights, regulate medical facilities, medicines and medical staff work. The Medical Liability Law sets the responsibilities of SKMCA as a care provider, such as how to maintain patient confidentiality and when disclosures must be made. Below you find the standard of care for children in hospitals.”

  1. Scope of care
    Children shall be admitted to hospital only if the care they require cannot be equally well provided at home or as an outpatient on a daily basis.
  2. Relations, closeness and safety
    Children admitted in the hospital shall have the right to have their parents or any close relative with them at all times.
  3. Parent involvement 
    Parents or any other close relative should be encouraged to stay with their sick child and hospital should provide facilities for overnight stay for them. Parents should be kept informed about the routines in the Unit and their active participation should be encouraged.
  4. Information
    Children and parents shall have the right to be informed on the treatment and care in a simple and understandable manner appropriate to the age and maturity.
  5. Participation
    Children and parents have the right to be informed and should participate in all decisions involving their health care. Every child shall be protected from unnecessary medical treatment and investigations.
  6. Environment
    Children shall be cared for in a Pediatric Health setting and shall not be admitted to the adult wards. Children shall have full opportunities to meet their peers and play in a safe environment designed and furnished as per their needs.
  7. Support in the child’s development
    Children shall have full opportunities for recreation and education suited to their age and condition, during hospital stay. This shall be done in areas equipped to meet their needs.
  8. Qualified Staff
    Children shall be cared for by staff whose education, training and skills enable them to respond to the physical, emotional and developmental needs of children and families.
  9. Continuity
    Continuity of care should be ensured by the health care team caring for children.
  10. Respect and Integrity
    Children shall be treated with respect and integrity and shall be approached according to their age and maturity.
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