Our Centre of Excellence in Trauma & Orthopedics treats musculoskeletal injuries and disorders, which is in the skeleton, joints, muscles, tendons and other connective tissue, as well as in the peripheral nerves. These disorders have a correlation to lifestyle. As a patient, it is crucial to come to a clinic with leading specialists of the musculoskeletal system and where there are different treatment alternatives available.

Our services include a complete healthcare professional team of physiotherapists, doctors in various specialties and nurses who together provide effective and safe care with an excellent clinical outcome.

Centre of Excellence in Trauma & Orthopedics

Providing the backbone of skeletal healthcare

Whether you injure your knee playing soccer or have chronic back pain, our Orthopaedic and Spine Centre of Excellence is able to cater to your needs. Focusing on osteo-care and neuromuscular health, this centre saw many changes during 2017 with a major focus on the sourcing and recruiting orthopaedic specialists. As a result we now offer a well-rounded, integrated service with Surgeons specialised in Orthopaedic Trauma, Knee and Hip Arthroplasties, Spinal Surgery and Sports Injuries. A major step forward is the centre’s ability to offer minimally-invasive arthroplasties which allow patient to recover quickly, resuming their normal activities in record time.

Saving vital minutes and lives

Motor vehicle accidents can often result in traumatic injuries to the pelvis and skeleton which are often life-threatening due to the proximity of major blood vessels.

In the past, patients with severe spinal and pelvic fractures would have been transferred to the nearest capable facility hours away. Losing crucial time and delaying necessary surgery. Expert emergency care is vital to patient survival, and since our orthopaedic trauma and surgical team has swung into action, the Northern Emirates can now handle severe pelvic fractures with good outcomes.

Placing the patient first, we aim to be the leaders in providing excellence in trauma care. Giving the local community peace of mind and vital support.