It is Sheikh Khalifa Hospital – Masfoot, one of the hospitals of Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in Ajman under His Highness the president Initiatives, may God protect him – belong to the Medical Office of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs.

The hospital was partially inaugurated on 4/12/2016 by the therapeutic service provider – “GHP Special Care” – based in Sweden.

Sheikh Khalifa Hospital – Masfoot is characterized by the presence of medical and administrative staff (doctors – nursing – technicians – administrators) with scientific competencies and high skills while providing the most advanced modern medical devices and equipment in the world.

Sheikh Khalifa Hospital – Masfoot Services

Outpatient clinical services include:

  • Gynecology clinic and pregnant care
  • Surgery Clinic
  • Diabetes Clinic
  • Internal Medicine Clinic
  • Orthopedic Clinic
  • Nutrition Clinic
  • Pediatric Clinic
  • Kidney Clinic
  • Physiotherapy

Emergency Department: 24/7

The emergency department operates around the clock 24/7 and is equipped with (dedicated room for recovery and minor emergency operations – the screening room – the observation room – 4 detection rooms) in addition to the platform for helicopters and ambulances to transport patients.

Maternity Section:

The maternity department works around the clock 24/7 with two delivery rooms equipped with the latest high-quality medical equipment with two post-delivery rooms.

Inpatient Wards:

The capacity of the inpatients wards (men and women ward) is 18 beds.

Operations Unit:

There are 2 fully equipped operating rooms for performing the operations.

Dialysis Unit:

There are 4 beds for patients with dialysis, with a plan to expand into adding a new extra bed.


Various services with regard to radiology, for example, magnetic imaging (CT SCAN) ultrasound – regular X-ray

Laboratory Unit:

Laboratory analysis is carried out and the results are given at 90% in the hospital, and some analyzes are sent to the rest of the President’s Initiatives hospitals.