GHP LogoGHP Specialty Care is a Swedish health care provider that conducts both out-patient and in-patient care in the Nordic countries and the United Arab Emirates. GHP International is GHP Specialty Cares’ International branch delivering care outside of the Nordics.

The hospitals managed by, and all specialty hospitals of GHP Specialty Care, focus on quality, continuity and efficiency and it is GHP Specialty Care’s conviction that this comes from a high degree of specialisation. GHP Specialty Care believes that the more you do something, the better the result. The larger the patient groups with similar specific medical conditions, the more skilful the health care teams become. All the clinics therefore focus on a specific patient group, while the managed hospitals focus on several interlinking patient groups, but always with the aim of being leaders within their clinical areas – “Quality through specialisation”.

GHP Specialty Care always put the patients first and it is their needs that underpin what care is offered. GHP Specialty Care’s aim is to be accessible, follow the patients throughout the course of treatment and receive each individual person in a positive manner and with great commitment. This inspires great confidence and at the end of the day leads to satisfied patients and high-quality health care.

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