Dr. Soaad Eltayeb

Consultant, ICU/Anesthesia
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Speciality : Anesthesia/ ICU
Hospital : SKHG
Clinical Specialty Interests and Strengths
  • Management of critically ill patients
  • Management of poly-trauma patients in ICU
  • Management of continuous Renal Replacement Therapy in ICU
  • Invasive procedures like: Central line, Arterial line, Bronchoscopy, Percutaneous Tracheostomy, Chest tube insertion, Percutaneous Pacemaker insertion and Invasive monitoring of cardiac output (PICCO)
  • 2016 : Licensed Consultant Anesthesia/ ICU from HAAD
  • 2012 : Licensed Consultant Anesthesia/ ICU from MOH
  • 1998 : MD Anesthesia and Critical Care   
  • 1986 : Graduated with a Medical Degree at the Faculty of Medicine at University of Mousl
Working Experience
  • 2010 - 2018 : Consultant and acting head of ICU in Al-Ain Hospital in Al-Ain ICU Champion of Mortality & Morbidity Committee in charge of Rapid response team
  • 2006 : Intensivist at Surgical ICU at Rashid Hospital Trauma Center in Dubai             
  • 2005 : Anesthetist/ ICU at Rashid Hospital in Dubai
  • 1999 : Anesthetist/ ICU at Al Baraha Hospital in Dubai         
  • 1998 : Anesthetist/ ICU at Khartoum Teaching Hospital in Sudan