The main services are deliveries, operative deliveries and gynecology surgery both elective and emergencies

Maternity ward

Obstetrics and gynecology department has 45 beds in the maternity ward both for gynecology cases and post-delivery cases.

Labor Ward

The labor ward has 14 rooms delivering up to around 2000 deliveries per year. In the labor ward we allow and welcome one attender to support the woman during labor.

Operating Theater (OT)

OT is connected to the labor ward and has 3 rooms for operations 24/7, both obstetrics and gynecology.

Inside the OT we also provide care post-surgery (PACU) before the patient shifts to the ward.

Urgent Care Gynecology

Experienced nurses and Physicians providing full service 24 /7. The cases seen in the urgent care unit is gynecological problems, complications during pregnancies, or labor related issues.