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At SKMCA Hospitals in Ajman and Masfoot, our obstetrics team offers a complete package of care for the expectant mother throughout their pregnancy, during the birth and after the delivery of their baby.
Our antenatal care package, run by our Obstetrics team from our SKH-WC Hospitals in Ajman and Masfoot, the care includes regular check-ups for the mother-to-be, as well as detailed ultrasound scans to monitor the growth of the baby.

What We Offer

As part of SKMCA Hospital, our doctors are well educated in the diagnosis and treatment of problems that can occur during pregnancy, labor and the care after delivery.
We working closely with specialists in fetal medicine and other departments to offer a complete package of care for each mother-to-be. We have expertise in the care of mothers with pre-existing medical conditions and in high-risk obstetrics.

During Your Pregnancy

During your pregnancy you’ll be invited to attend regular appointments with our obstetricians, who specializes in caring for women during pregnancy, labor and after the baby’s birth.
You’ll be offered 6 routine ultrasound scans during your pregnancy.
As part of the Obstetrics department’s antenatal package, you will be offered regular appointments with an obstetrician.
In addition, our team of midwives and doctors offer antenatal education to help you prepare for childbirth.

During The Birth

The Obstetrics department has a labor ward with delivery rooms that offer direct access to caesarean sections if needed.

After Delivery

You’ll have help and support from the midwifery and nursery team as well as a Lactation team to help you start to breastfeed your baby. If you have any concerns about special diets or healthy eating, we can arrange for you to have advice from a specially trained dietitian who can also help if you have had gestational diabetes.
After the birth, your will have information from physiotherapist programme of exercises to tone up your pelvic floor muscles.
If you would like to know more about our obstetrics and antenatal care services, please get in touch. Contact us for more information or to arrange an appointment.

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Antenatal Education

First Session

Realated to your needs: what to expect, for visits, education, patient
history, physical changes, food recommendations,

Second Session

-Fetal movement, fetal development
-Discomforts ( heart burn, back pain, constipation, uterus growth)
-Breastmilk, breast care
-Premature labor, signs when to go to hospital
-Follow up diet, activity

Third Session

-Normal Delivery
-Complications during delivery
-Skin to skin
-First check, Vitamin K
-Urine, Meconium, Baby’s stool
-9 steps of Breastfeeding, suction pattern, right position, suction technology
-Normal weight loss
-Baby care
-Baby safety at hospital and at home
-Follow up visits
-Vaccination program
-Husband, Support person during labour
-What to bring to hospital

Normal Early Signs Of Pregnancy

-Missed period
-Morning sickness/nausea
-Low blood pressure/dizziness
-Urinating more often (more blood is circulating in the area of uterus/bladder)

How To Reduce Morning Sickness / Nausea

-Eat something before going up from bed. For ex. Dry salty crackers
-Small snacks, eat/drink but often small amount
-Avoid strong smells that trigger nausea

Alert Signs: If You Can Not Eat or Drink Anything/ Frequent Vomiting

Seek help at your choice of hospital there is help to get!
Ajman: 06-711 8164 / 06-711 8435
Masfoot: 04-809 97 45

Free Lactation Clinic within Our Package

Prenatal consultation
Ajman : 06-711 8305
Masfoot: at Anty Haya clinic 04-809 9745
Postnatal consultation
Ajman: 056-414 5661 / 056-539 1242
Masfoot: 04-809 9745

Maternity & Delivery Package

Vaginal Birth after Caesarean Section (VBAC)

If you delivered your previous baby via caesarean section (also known as C-section), and you are currently pregnant, it is possible for you to have your next baby naturally via the vagina, this will be discussed with the obstetrician. This type of birth is called vaginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC). This is possible if you had less than two C-section.

Reasons For A VBAC

There are various reasons as to why a woman would consider VBAC, and these include:
The recovery time is shorter: After VBAC your hospital stay will be shorter than if you had a repeat C-section. You will also be able to resume your normal activities sooner; and the cost of childbirth will be reduced as well.
Lower complication risks: Vaginal births have lower rates of infection, bleeding, deep vein thrombosis and injury to the abdominal organs such as the bowel or bladder.
Help future pregnancies: VBAC can help if you are planning on having a larger family by avoiding risks associated with repeated caesarean section, such as scarring. Scarring can result in higher risk of placental problems in future pregnancies and can also make surgery difficult.
Benefits for the baby: Vaginal deliver decreasing the risk for having respiratory problems.

Ideal Candidate For VBAC

Having a successful VBAC depends on a number of reasons such as:
• If you’ve previously had a vaginal birth
• You and your yet-to-be-born baby are in good health
• If your labour starts on time, that is just before or on the due date
• You are pregnant with one baby, and you’ve had prior low transverse caesarean sections in addition to not having issues that would prevent VBAC.

However, The Chance Of Having A Successful VBAC Decreases If:

• Your labour is induced, or your due date has passed
• You have a similar condition with your current pregnancy which made you have a C-section in a past pregnancy such as if your baby is lying sideways in the womb, or there is a problem with the baby’s heart rate
• You are obese
• Your baby is very large
• You have preeclampsia which is when a pregnant woman has high blood pressure as well as the symptoms of some of her organs not working properly such as her liver and kidneys. Signs and symptoms of preeclampsia include changes in vision, having protein in urine and severe headache
• Your previous delivery was within the last 18 months

You Are Not A Good Candidate For VBAC If:

• The incision of your past C-section was not low transverse
• Your uterine ruptured during your previous pregnancy. This is when the womb tears during pregnancy
• Your uterus has undergone extensive surgery
• You have certain health conditions during the pregnancy that can make a C-section necessary such as heart disease, diabetes, genital herpes or placenta Previa

Preparing for a VBAC

Discussing about opting for a VBAC with your obstetrician is essential as they will help you every step of the way and also let you know if it is possible. Make sure to provide all your medical history including records of your previous C-sections during your visit as this helps in calculating the likelihood of you having a successful VBAC.

Available units

Maternity ward

Obstetrics and gynecology department has 45 beds in the maternity ward both for gynecology cases and post-delivery cases.

Labor Ward

The labor ward has 14 rooms delivering up to around 2000 deliveries per year. In the labor ward we allow and welcome one attender to support the woman during labor.

Operating Theater (OT)

OT is connected to the labor ward and has 3 rooms for operations 24/7, both obstetrics and gynecology. Inside the OT we also provide care post-surgery (PACU) before the patient shifts to the ward.

Urgent Care Gynecology

Experienced nurses and Physicians providing full service 24 /7. The cases seen in the urgent care unit is gynecological problems, complications during pregnancies, or labor related issues.

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