Our centre of Excellence in Feto-Maternal care focuses on a professional pregnancy surveillance program, available for every pregnant woman which will create a significantly better outcome for both mother and child.

We offer clinics for normal pregnancy controls, education and empowerment of patients and families, and specialized services providing advanced diagnostics and treatment for maternal and fetal complications, combined with competent delivery service and neonatal care in a continuous pathway.

Centre of Excellence in  Feto-Maternal Medicine

Working together to lower the risk of invasive procedures during the birthing process.

Every mother and child deserves the best and raising the standard of maternal care was a major goal for SKMCA. Overall, we wanted our mothers to feel more supported while receiving a higher level of standardised care. The clinic plays a vital role in the community providing support to mothers in the way of antenatal sessions as well as lactation clinics for advice on breastfeeding.


Making our patients more comfortable

Introducing epidurals was a major milestone, and Dr. Tamas Zsidai and his team of anesthesiologist were instrumental in this regard. Protocols were developed and revised by Dr. Matts Nyhlen and the epidural service is now available 24/7 from 1 January, 2018.


New leading midwifery clinic

We want all our mothers to feel welcome and that our clinic is place where they can turn any time for support. In line with this vision, the Enty Al Hayah Clinic was established to provide education for women about pregnancy and their babies, with fathers encouraged to be present at the deliveries of their children. Women are encouraged to visit three times during their pregnancy for a one-one-one session with a midwife, plus they can attend weekly lectures for more preparation for labour and parenthood in general.

Partnering with RCDR, we are offering the Antenatal Diabetic Clinic to provide optimal care for our patients. Each patient who comes to see us, will then meet a team of experts at each visit providing comprehensive care.