Our Centre of Excellence in Diabetes is combining a compassionate and modern diabetes and obesity care with high quality research, professional education and fostering life style changes.

This multidisciplinary team of professionals is working together in cooperation with other departments of the center to provide diagnosis, counseling, education, treatment and lifestyle options, support and motivation to the patients.

The clinics provides an all-inclusive one-stop care facility tailored to meet the needs of the patients with diabetes.

Specializing in care for better patient outcomes.

JCI-accredited, RCDR aims to be a holistic center for the care of diabetes and its various complications. A chronic disease, diabetes is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease, blindness, kidney failure and lower-limb amputation, making careful management necessary.


Taking a holistic approach

Provided through a multi-disciplinary team, the treatment of complications – diabetes foot, retinopathy, nephropathy, cardiovascular disease – can be managed. Our onsite laboratory with a 40-minute turnaround time, and on-site pharmacy, helps to provide easy access facilities for patients with diabetes. Providing them with modern, compassionate diabetes and obesity care through high-quality research, professional education, and the fostering of community awareness.


What to expect

A standardized treatment plan is supplied comprising of various individual components for one year. This is inclusive of regular monitoring and follow-ups. The patient gets to meet with a diabetologist, Diabetes nurse educator, ophthalmologist, podiatrist, wound care specialist nurse, dentist, dietician and physiotherapist. This specialist team provides comprehensive, all-round care.


Leading the way in diabetes care

  • Antenatal Diabetes services established in collaboration with  Sheikh Khalifa Hospital – Women and Children
  • Lifestyle management pathway and guidelines developed
  • Started 24/7 in-patient cover and trained our in-patient team
  • Foot clinic multidisciplinary team established
  • Endocrine services started
  • Expansion of the Eye Clinic services and pathways