The ophthalmic department offers:

  1. Complete visual acuity checkup for near and far sighted refractive condition for both children and adults.
  2. Management of common ocular surface diseases as dry eye, allergic disorders and infective conjunctivitis and surgical and laser management of common ocular surface conditions as pterygium, chalazion and lid lesions.
  3. Evaluation of glaucoma and glaucoma suspects with the latest technologies and while providing medical, laser and surgical treatment to those in need.
  4. Providing services for common medical retina conditions as hypertension retinopathy, diabetic retinopathy, retinal vein occlusion, Age related Macular Degeneration and other common acquired and congenital conditions and it treatment by laser, special eye injections and implant if applicable.
  5. Provide numerous laser treatment for both anterior and posterior segment.
  6. Corneal analysis for early detection of keratoconus and for before any refractive surgery.
  7. Evaluation and management of refractive causes of squint in children.

The eye department works hand in hand with other departments to provide advice and care for a wide range of patient.